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Lockdown Easing

With various parts of our daily lives returning to some sense of normality, it can bring mixed feelings. All our lives have changed so drastically that returning too quickly is understandably impactful on our mental health. It can be helpful to reflect on how the events of the past month’sRead More

Body holds the score

Befriending body sensations Bodily sensations are expressions of response to environmental stimulus. Our bodies work out what it believes to be an appropriate response to what it believes is happening to it. Bodies that have been historically traumatised respond to present day, perceived threat, in ways that they believe maximiseRead More

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Where do local people turn to for counselling or psychotherapy? We are in a time when mental health is increasingly recognised as one of the most debilitating illnesses that causes immense distress to many people At a recent meeting the question of how a person would go about locating aRead More

Domestic violence refuge provision at crisis point, warn charities

Despite the government’s claims to de-stigmatise mental health and make psychological therapies more accessible to the public, the last decade has seen the systematic axing of funding in the mental health charitable sector. This trend to remove affordable therapy and safe places of refuge are felt across the entire sectorRead More

Screen addiction: an unforeseen consequence of technology?

Is it just a matter of time until we need to tailor a counselling service specifically for screen addiction? A lot of time is spent using social media. Users find it highly competitive. There is continuous pressure and judgement on how many followers, or pictures that are posted. For manyRead More