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Mental health issues have profound effects on our thoughts, feelings and well-being


Psychotherapy can be one of the most valuable investments we make in our selves

What to Expect during a Counselling Session

How can counselling help?

A competent counsellor will enable a client to unravel the complexities which surround their problems. Therapy sessions provide a safe space for clients to really explore what is going on in their lives in detail. You will be supported in every step of your journey. Everything which is brought up in sessions is valued, nothing is dismissed or trivialised

How is this different from talking to a friend or relative?

The professional training undertaken, coupled with years of experience provide counsellors with skills and tools required to understand the needs of different individuals. Friends and relatives can be supportive, or possibly not. However, they will not have the benefit of the professional insight of a counsellor. Further to this, people who are close, have a vested interest in the actions of each other. A counsellor has no material interest in benefitting from the actions of clients, so remains impartial, and objective about whatever you bring to therapy.

How many sessions are required?

Clients are not tied to a fixed number of sessions. Some people find that a single session is enough to set them back on their path. Others choose to stay for a number of weeks, any number between four and twenty sessions is not unusual. Some individuals see therapy as a long-term personal development and return for as long as they feel the therapy is benefiting them.

If this is your first experience of seeing a counsellor you may be full of apprehension. Counselling is unchartered territory for you. Or maybe you have had previous therapy and are wondering what your next counselling experience will be like. Of course, every counsellor is different; but at the heart of every practitioner is the commitment to provide the therapeutic relief for another person’s suffering.

Typically clients are seeking therapy to address particular issues. Something or many things are causing distress and has probably led you to seek counseling. Each person’s reason is unique. Whatever your reason for seeking help may be, you can be assured that you will be listened to with deep respect

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