It is a dilemma for counsellors that for confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish anything clients say regarding the therapy they received. Neither can we encourage clients to provide us with ratings as other companies do.

However, the following is a flavour of client feedback we have received during the course of therapy.

I am in a much better place than when I started (therapy).

I don’t know what’s changed but I feel more positive about life

  • If only I’d done this sooner, I have carried this for sixty years. 
  • I’ve wasted so much of my life
  • I’ve self-harmed, 
  • I’ve damaged my body
  • All the things I would have done differently
  • The peopleI who I have hurt
  • The missed opportunities
  • I would never have understood how my shame was caused me to relate to people so badly. Stopped me having good relationships
  • How my feelings of rejection create a need in me that no one could fill
  • Now I have some insight I feel better equipped to let some feelings go
  • Without that insight I would never have been able to overcome those debilitating feelings

So often we hear our clients grieve for the lost time, the lost opportunities in life, caused by spending so much of their energy managing the fallout from earlier trauma. It is such a tragedy to think of the years of lost quality of life, all the things we would have like to have done if only we had understood what we needed to do sooner.

What would we give to find peace? To have a meaningful, fulfilling life? To have good relations with our partners, spouses, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, workmates? You can have all this and much more through personal counselling and therapy