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Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Lesser known conditions that are ‘just as serious’ as anorexia and bulimia

  Independent 23rd Feb 2016: Kashmira Gander   Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are dealing with eating disorders, and attempting to cope with skewed attitudes towards food and obsessive behaviours. This article brings into focus several other types of eating disorders which are equally as serious Anorexia nervosa, where a person restricts their food and exercises excessively, […]


Can obesity be viewed as an eating disorder in the same way as anorexia?

Obesity is an eating disorder just like anorexia – and it’s time we started treating it that way. In an article published in the Independent 23rd Feb 2016 Natasha Devon argues that obesity is just as much an eating disorder as anorexia. She raises a very important case on how society and particularly the media discriminates […]