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Relationships are complex

At the best of times relationships are complex negotiations of ideas between individuals. In a perfect world we would all listen thoroughly to each other and respond appropriately to each others’ messages. However the demands of our lives seldom allows this to happen.

The pressures and strains that life places upon individuals produces a huge amount of stress for all concerned. While every relationship is truly unique there are several main reasons why relationships tend to break down, these include

Often relationships begin to break down when circumstances for one or more people in the relationship becomes over-whelming. It becomes increasingly difficult to find the time needed to have good quality communication. At other times it just seems so hard for people to find the right way to communicate without causing conflict.

While what is happening to you may be unique to you and people connected, –  there are common themes to the problems that clients tell us about. These include feeling misunderstood, not listened to, bullied and not taken seriously.  People report that they or others have lost interest, no longer care for each other and are becoming strangers.

It may have become a real struggle just to relate to other people, whether they are family, partners, children, people you work with or friends. This can lead to you feeling isolated, lonely, angry or very unhappy. The use of counselling or psychotherapy can help you develop much healthier patterns and ways of relating to others.

Counsellors are are highly skilled at helping you find ways to understand what is causing your relationship difficulties. Our specialist knowledge covers all kinds of relationship issues such as:

  • disagreements & quarrels
  • difficulty over committing
  • jealousy
  • splitting up
  • adultery
  • sexual problems
  • domestic violence
  • imbalances in power
  • problematic friendships
  • trouble in working relationships
  • parenting conflicts





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