Survivors of Abuse

For those who have suffered the pain and devastation of abuse, it can be extremely hard to confide in those around you. Memories may be too painful, riddled with unwarranted feelings of guilt, shame and anger that may be too devastating. It is all to common that victims of abuse carry the heavy weight of their memories and emotions alone, unable to share with another person for the fear of how it will affect them. Often these memories and the isolation cause make life simply unbearable.


Counselling is uniquely helpful to survivors of abuse as it provides a much needed place of safety for individuals. As a counsellors I listen to clients without judgement.

Flashbacks and memories serve to keep the pain of abuse alive and very real. I will help you build the tools needed to enhance coping strategies  and diminish the  impact  of  the legacy of your traumaholzfigur-980802

The journey to overcoming abuse is not straightforward, but as your therapist I will support you through every step of the way. There is currently, new and exciting treatment therapies emerging from the world of neurology and psychobiology. New therapeutic tools have been developed to empower survivors. Increasingly, people who have suffered abuse are able to move on and live more fulfilling lives, free from the devastating burden of past trauma.