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Anxiety is the most common of all mental health conditions

It is by far one of the most common reasons people come to counselling. Although anxiety may be highly uncomfortable and distressing for the sufferer it is also a condition which is highly responsive to treatment. Our practitioners at Redbridge Counselling have unique skills in helping clients with their anxiety and related symptoms.

What is anxiety?

We all feel nervous or worried at times. This kind of anxiety can be a helpful feeling when it motivates us or warns us of danger. It’s usual to feel tense, or nervous or perhaps even fearful at the thought of a stressful event or decision you’re facing – especially if it could have a big impact on your life. For example: sitting exams, going to hospital or an interview. Maybe starting a new job or getting married or divorced. However, when anxiety begins to seriously impact our lives, influencing the way we think and feel, or becomes overwhelming it can be considered to have developed into an anxiety disorder.

Redbridge counselling will help you create a personalised recovery plan in order to bring about healthy change. We can show you techniques and provide you with tools to will help you manage stressful any situations you may encounter in the future.

Part of the first stage in recovery is to explore the possible causes and triggers of anxiety – these triggers may include stress created by employment, money worries, struggling with relationships in the present or perhaps having issues with unresolved past experiences. We will work with you – at your pace and with you find ways to develop more effective coping strategies.

A recovery program is planned to gradually reduce your anxiety, we will help you to keep on track with your goals, provide you with feedback on your progress and provide ongoing emotional support. It is our aim to help you  identify and remove any potential barriers to your self-improvement.

In tailoring the treatment to your needs, our therapists often use a specific approach such as cognitive behavioural therapy, or they may combine several techniques which suit your circumstances more appropriately.

 If you are currently affected by anxiety a call to Sussex counselling is a first step on the road to recovery

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